Fuchs Automotive Lubricants

At European Auto Tech (2015) Limited we only use top quality oils and lubricants from Fuchs.

About Fuchs Lubricants: Founded as a German family company in 1931, Fuchs today is a group with global reach. Among the independent producers, Fuchs is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and supplier of lubricants. With several thousand employees, operating in most worldwide markets, Fuchs’ leading position is supported by an extensive range of core program lubricants, complimented by tailor-made solutions for just about every application. The wholly owned Australian subsidiary has been supplying specialised lubricants since the late 1890’s and is the leading market player in many lubricant sectors

Fuchs Lubricants specialises in five main areas of lubrication:


Industrial Specialist Applications including

Open Gearing Lubrication


Private Label

Fuchs Automotive Lubricants  



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